Simple CPR Training: Classes are geared toward the Needs of the Students

Jake provided an informative and welcoming learning atmosphere for my coworkers and I to become CPR certified. She moved at a pace that accommodated both questions from the group and our busy schedules.

Denise G.A Safe Place

Jake Ellwing has integrity and so much knowledge in CPR training. I have known Jake over 6 years. Last year she did a demonstration at my home with 25 people attending. We all walked away with CPR certification awards. She is truly a person you could trust.

April N.

I took a Simple CPR class that Nurse Jake taught. I've taken CPR training before with other instructors, and Jake makes CPR simple. I think it is better to do something to try and save someone who has had heart failure, rather than nothing, and Jake makes it easy to do. Two people in my life have had sudden cardiac arrest. The 1st one was with people who did not know CPR. They called the paramedics. The paramedics got his heart going again, but he was without oxygen for so long that his brain was too damaged and he died a week later. The 2nd person was with people who DID know CPR and he lives with no damage to his brain. Jake does great work!

Dorothy D.

Jake does a great job. For something that I felt very intimidated about learning, she made it fun as well as educational.

Nancy S.

Jake makes the training both fun and informative. She is warm, friendly and personable with the participants as well as a great communicator. Jake is extremely knowledgable and comfortable with the material and shares it confidently and to the group. She gives real life examples that help everyone understand how to apply the knowledge. Our whole group left feeling empowered and certain that they could handle various emergency situations. As a group that works regularly with children, it was important for us to create training to ensure their safety, and Jake make it fun and effective. Personally, I have taken this class make times over the years, and this was one of the most practical, effective and fun times ever.

Lindsey Branson, Associate Children’s Director, The Chapel Grayslake

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