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CPR is Serious. Learning CPR Should Be Fun

Learning CPR and basic first aid could very well be the most important skills anyone needs to know.

The problem is that CPR classes can often be intimidating, stressful and way too serious. Most CPR classes are taught in rigid, formal and judgmental environments. While we agree that saving the life of someone in cardiac arrest is extremely serious, the last thing anyone needs is to learn CPR from a guy screaming orders at you like a drill sergeant. At Simple CPR Training, instructor Ronna “Jake” Ellwing takes a totally different approach.

Saving Lives, One Dummy at a Time!

Ronna “Jake” Ellwing is a certified RN and AHA Instructor with more than 30 years’ experience in all aspects of emergency nursing, nursing administration and teaching others to care for those around them. Her approach to teaching CPR and first aid is very friendly (often one to one), very informal and highly enjoyable.

“Jake” understands that people are often intimidated by learning CPR in settings such as large firehouses; She has found that teaching in the comfort of a home, daycare facility, church or classroom setting can be much more enjoyable and lower stress.

All of Simple CPR Training classes are AHA certified. We teach a wide range of people including:

  • Parents, adoptive and foster parents
  • Grandparents
  • Church and synagogue groups
  • Camp counselors
  • Schools, teachers, school nurses and child care providers
  • Healthcare providers
  • Coaches, fitness centers, trainers, P.E. teachers
  • Hotel staff, restaurants and caterers
  • Event staff
  • Businesses and bank staff

Are you interested in learning CPR and first aid in a relaxed and enjoyable manner? Please call Simple CPR Training for more information on our AHA certified courses.

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