My Name is Ronna Ellwing, But You Can Call Me Jake!

My name is Ronna “Jake” Ellwing, RN, BSN. I love to care for people and I love to teach people how to care for each other and how to care for themselves. My involvement with the nursing profession goes back more than 30 years.

Nursing has taken me from hospital settings where I worked for many years in emergency care, health care staffing to becoming the corporate vice president of a Chicago-based health care company. While I enjoyed the rise in responsibility and salary, it also came at a price. I missed helping people one-on-one. I missed teaching others to care for others.

I left the corporate world to work with Special Education students as a Special Needs Nurse in Lake County Illinois. The work is immensely satisfying.

In 2008 I received an amazing honor from VNA Foundation in recognition of my work as the winner of their Superstar in Community Nursing Award. It was very humbling, because all I have ever tried to do as a nurse is to make a difference in this world.

Simple CPR Training: Because No One is Immune

In 2005, I also made the decision to start Simple CPR Training, where I teach AHA certified courses in CPR and certified courses in First Aid.

As an RN with many years of experience as an emergency department nurse, I came to realize that many people died before they entered the emergency room because others simply didn’t know what to do. No one is immune from witnessing a loved one, co-worker or friend having a medical emergency. It is in the precious minutes and seconds until the time the ambulance arrives that can make all the difference in the world.

My approach to teaching CPR and First Aid is exactly the same as my approach to nursing – an open heart. My classes are inviting, warm and fun. I believe we all learn best when we are comfortable and in a one to one or small group setting.

Of everything I have ever done in nursing the most meaningful “awards” I have received were letters from former CPR or First Aid students telling me the skills I taught them had saved the life of another person. It is impossible to put a value on that.

If you would like more information on my approach to teaching CPR and First Aid, by all means call or contact me, and feel free to ask for Jake!

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